Why Interior Consultants?

What does Interior Consultants actually do?

If you’re busy building or revamping your home, renovating your restaurant, or planning your new retail space, it is highly cost effective to hire one of our Interior Consultants.

But what does an interior consultant actually do?

These are the important roles that an interior consultant plays in your project:

  1. Interior consultants make the interior spaces of your home restaurant or shop incredibly beautiful, while maintaining functionality and safety. It is important that space is utilised effectively, especially if the rooms are small or have to accommodate large numbers of people and work spaces.
  2. They help you determine your goals and brainstorm creative ways to meet them.
  3. Interior consultants keep your budget in check. A lot of planning goes into design and styling and your consultant will ensure it doesn’t break the bank.
  4. Decorative items such as colours, lighting, furniture, wall finishes, flooring and textures are difficult to put together without a professional eye. Interior consultants are highly skilled in co-ordinating aesthetics according to your personal taste.
  5. Interior consultants can foresee future problems that you likely can’t: plumbing difficulties, ergonomics, smart use of space, and many others.
  6. Interior consultants understand building codes and regulations and will ensure that the design and layout of your home or work area meets the required standards.
  7. They deliver a full turnkey service where they manage your project from start to finish, which takes the pressure off you. No need to place orders or oversee workmen.  It’s all done for you.

The benefits of hiring an interior consultant:

  1. You have access to a tremendous amount of inspiration and ideas that you would never have thought of by yourself or from a magazine or website.
  2. Interior consultants see the bigger picture. Design is about understanding a goal and finding solutions.  You might be focussed on a specific curtain design that you love, but the consultant will see that same curtain in a much larger context.
  3. You become a braver decorator yourself! You will start to question conventional thinking and step outside of the box. It’s time to try new ideas with your home and business.
  4. Interior consultants are personal. They make your space all about YOU and your needs.

Design and organise your home or office around who you are and how you need to work and live.  There are times you don’t know the answers to these questions, and that is when one of our interior consultants is just the person to hire.


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